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Restaurant Insurance

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Buying insurance for your restaurant is much more complex than selecting home or car insurance. A good restaurant insurance quote should protect your restaurant's physical assets, your own liability, and your investment in the business.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance

An equipment breakdown or malfunction in your restaurant can cost you a lot more than the price of a replacement.

For example, say an electrical malfunction results in the breakdown of your refrigeration unit. You’ve now lost:

  • The cost of the refrigeration unit
  • The cost of any spoiled food inventory
  • The cost of any foods that arrive and can’t be refrigerated between breakdown and repair/replacement
  • Customers
  • The income you would have made while waiting for repair, whether a several hour or several day wait

Equipment breakdown insurance is a necessity for restaurant owners. Even a small malfunction can rapidly initiate a chain of increasingly harmful events, and a good restaurant insurance policy will feature breakdown insurance to protect your business at every step.

A good restaurant insurance policy will feature breakdown insurance to protect your business at every step. This includes:

  • The repair or replacement costs of the equipment
  • Any related loss of inventory
  • Potential profits lost in the event of business interruption

The basic level of commercial property insurance offered with most restaurant insurance plans is not as comprehensive at you might think. In most cases, commercial property insurance will only cover the basic aspects of the building and land, and does not extend to things like equipment breakdowns.

Even more significantly, basic commercial property insurance will never provide protection when it comes to losing income from business interruption. This is why it’s crucial to make sure the plan you select features equipment breakdown insurance as well as business interruption insurance.

Many providers will work with you to devise a level of breakdown insurance that best meets the needs of your restaurant. Some items to consider for inclusion:

  • Paying for temporary equipment rentals while you wait for damaged equipment to be replaced
  • A plan that extends beyond the kitchen and protects any other equipment that’s essential to the operation of your establishment, including:
    • Dining room air conditioner, as a broken air conditioner is likely to keep the customers from returning during the hottest months of the year
    • Computer-related equipment, such as:
      • Networked cash registers
      • Inventory scanners
      • Any electronic point-of-sale equipment
      • Employee timeclocks
  • Profits lost
  • Cost of getting your restaurant operational once more

While some providers offer a comprehensive form of equipment breakdown insurance, others might divide the level of protection between several separate plans. This would include insurance for food spoilage, or a separate business interruption policy.

Once you’ve secured good equipment breakdown protection, you’ll want to make sure your restaurant insurance quote includes coverage in other important areas as well.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects you from losing everything to a lawsuit. Whether a customer slips and falls in your restroom, somebody gets sick from your food, or one of your employees mistreats another, liability insurance protects you financially in the event that you are sued as the owner.

Liquor Liability

If your restaurant serves spirits, liquor liability insurance protects you from being financially liable if a customer is involved in an accident after drinking at your establishment. Most states require you to purchase liability insurance in order to hold a liquor license.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Like liquor liability coverage, workers’ compensation insurance is legally required by most states. A workers' compensation plan pays the costs related to any injuries suffered on your property by a person in your employ.

Depending on the individual priorities of your restaurant, your insurance provider can help you assemble all of these options to create the most effective kind of plan for your needs. Contact PLC Insurance for a free evaluation or restaurant insurance quote.

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