Every person and business has financial vulnerabilities; “blind-spots.”

Let us help you identify your unique blind spots and create a tailored plan to keep you and those you care about comfortable both now and in the future.

About us and our process

Our diverse team of experts has the breadth of experience and knowledge to help each client understand her or his unique financial vulnerabilities. We are a seasoned team of insurance consultants who take your peace of mind seriously.

We are also proud to be part of our community. We support many local charities and support our employees’ desires to give back and serve our communities.

To our core, we believe that our employees truly matter, that our clients truly matter and that if we always strive to do what is right and best for others, we can hold our heads high.

We know that the insurance buying process can be frustrating and confusing. We believe that our process breaks down some of these barriers and can actually make the process rewarding and refreshing.

What is the process? It is really pretty straight forward.

  • Chemistry Check – Are we a good fit for each other?
  • Risk Analysis – What vulnerabilities do you have?
  • Options – What insurance options do you have?
  • Stewardship – An ongoing process of evaluation; How are we doing and what has changed?

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